How can counselling or therapy help me?

If you feel ready to work for the change you want in your life, are prepared to look at the things which you find difficult (even though it may be a bit scary) and are willing to do your best to be as open, honest and reflective about yourself as you can, then you are probably as ready as anyone can be to give counselling a try.

The chances are that, if you are able to approach it in this frame of mind, counselling will prove to be helpful for you. Counselling offers a kind of support that is not the same as from friends, family or partners. A trusting and confidential personal relationship with someone who has no other form of contact with you is unique to counselling and it often makes the difference.

Although counselling can never be guaranteed to be helpful, there is much evidence to show that most people who try it do find it beneficial to some extent. Getting to this website suggests that you are already aware of wanting something about yourself or your life to be different and are seriously considering trying to do something about it. The next step is to find the counsellor that you feel you will be able to work with.

An exploratory discussion or meeting is a good way to begin as it will give you an opportunity to gauge how you feel when talking to an individual counsellor before making a commitment to begin counselling. Most counsellors should offer this in some form.

I offer a free pre-therapy 30 minute introductory meeting in Walthamstow, London, without further commitment.